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Bloggers have copied over and over a list Vanga' supposed prophecies about WW3, nuclear and chemical atrocities and a slew of nonsensical predictions assigned to a woman many of us consider a modern-day saint, a woman whose vast legacy lives on and continues to inspire and make a difference.

If you ended up reading this because you wanted to check up on the Apocalypse, your journey has ended. There will be no WW3. 

If you want to read about Vanga's true words, as recorded by people close to her, please read on. I am honored to share.



Vanga on Health

(From Vitali and Maria Stoikovi's second book about Vanga)


It is important that people learn to listen with their hearts. Pray and your hearts will open. I am not capable of miracles. I am just an elderly woman. When I tell people I cannot help them, I am just transmitting what God is telling me. I know it’s God because all that is good in this world comes from him. All that is bad – comes from the devil. I am helping people. Just remember that this could not be done without love and without genuine desire to help people. Without prayer, without a heartfelt appeal to God nothing good would come of it. He gives it all, not me.

"Vanga told us to go to church, to confess and to cleanse our souls, and to follow the fasting days. She recommended this to all of her visitors. She often asked people: “Do you believe in God? No? Why do you think that Grandma Vanda can help and not God and St. Mary? Do you think I am stronger than them? Look at me; what do you see? I am a blind, old lady. Why do you depend on me? What kind of advice do you want? Go pray and ask God that He would manifest his will through you or though me if He would. Remember, everything is from Him, the entire world is His and we are His people. If there is no heartfelt penance, if you have no gratitude that He does not detest a sinful, wicked person like you and that He does not take your life and strength, how can you rely on His help? In short, all is within reach through self-deprecation. People have one destiny and one purpose – to be faithful and to pray. God decides all." ~ Vitali Stoikov


Ailments’ Causes

from Stoikovi's book

Many people say to me: “I want to regain my health”. But health is something different in each of us since birth. Some people appear onto this world healthy. Some do not. There could be nothing to regain, just things to fix if possible. I am asked: “And why does God let illness be? And I say: Firstly, because of your sins. If you sin, don’t do it. Have you heard of Ivan Pavlov? He discovered the conditional and unconditional reflexes. If you punish a dog when the dog is misbehaving, the dog hears: "don’t menace". It’s the same with our illnesses and sins. Do wrong once, get sick, second time – sick again. God is patient, but after your third or fourth time, you may not recover. And people are not dogs. They think these are coincidences and they shouldn’t try to change their lives and their habits.

Secondly, there are illnesses that serve as warnings. Their purpose is to make one re-think his actions and make amends – in his mind and in his environment. May be God sends discomfort, so that one would think: “This climate is not good for me. It’s time for me to move.” Why would he think that? There could be many reasons. May be God has better plans for you. But if one is afraid of change, if he is sedentary, he would get sick.

Thirdly, there are ancestral diseases. The doctors speak of heredity and yes, genes are real. Except, the origins of these genes are not physical but spiritual. The essence of man is not in his flesh but in his spirit. If one of your ancestors did something wrong, the sickness may follow from one generation to the next. Those generations become the cleansers for the ancestor’s sins. How do you tell which kind of ailment you have? If you truly don’t know, go to your priest. Go confess and ask for mercy.  Then ask again what the cause of your illness is. If it’s a cold, it’s simple – wear a hat, stay away from drafty places and keep your legs warm.


A middle aged woman came to me: “Grandma Vanga, my mother-in-law wronged me and now I have a rash all over my body.” I said: “You are a fool. You wronged yourself and this is a response to your wickedness. Go make peace with her, then go to your place of worship and pray for her good health. Your rash will go away.” A week later she came back and said: The rash went away! Here is a pastry for you!


Contagion is a contagion and an infection is an infection. But have you noticed that some get it and some don’t? Do you think it's  immunity? I’ll tell you something else. People who get sick, must get sick. Immunity is spiritual, not physical. Just in case, don’t challenge God. It’s best to stay away from germs. And if you get sick, pray. Prayer heals all. Anything can happen if God wills it.


How to Get Well

I am tired of people who ask that I talk to the water, the bread or the milk, so that they could acquire healing properties. Witches do that. I am not a witch. I pray. There is no secret. I ask God for forgiveness, for mental strength, and spiritual and physical healing for his children. There are no spells here.


Here is what I would advise. Each morning when you wake up, cross yourselves and read “Our Father” and “Hail Mary”. Then drink a sip of holy water and eat a wafer. Go to church, confess and cleanse your sins. Ask the priest for a private service if your illness has spread. When you start taking your prescription, bless the bottle. Generally, bless everything you use.



Run from spiritual ailments, not physical ones. Don’t be afraid of physical death; be afraid of taking your unforgiven sins with you. What are some of the ailments of the soul? Indifference, gluttony, cold heart and lack of conscience.


Anyone  can get better. With God’s will even the ones on their death beds can be cured. Even people with cancer or tuberculosis –  anyone. Anyone can die of anything too, even from a sneeze. It's all God's will.


Don’t trust anyone who says: “I can cure you. I can help you get back on your feet.” Everything happens with God’s will. Trust those who would say: I will do all I can to cure you. That’s a statement on the right path.”

Ask for the prayer of your loved ones and make offerings for your ailing loved ones.


Don’t go to witches and psychics. Trust your doctor with your body and soul and seek professional help. Ask your doctor for herbal remedies. A good doctor doesn’t count on pills only.


Drink herbal tea. It contains nature's force and health. God placed it there. Same thing with honey, salt, clay, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. It’s all very healthy. It’s what God created as nourishment. Also – holy water, wafers and prayer.


If you want to get better, ask God and St. Mary for help, and surrender to God's will. Don’t request. Plead with your entire being. On your way to the doctor’s office, ask for St. Panthelei that the doctor would speak the truth and treat you well.


If they tell you that there is no hope – keep hoping anyway. If they tell you it’s all good, don’t stop taking care of your health. Pray to the doctor of your body and soul to put you on the right path. And do not be afraid. Anything that can happen to you, and the worst you can imagine would be that you would die. That’s not all that scary: it’s life. Everyone will transition from this temporary life to the eternal one. There is nothing to fear.


Vanga's Herbal Remedies

Sleeplessness-- The person should sleep on a pillow filled with dry forest hay or dried hops.

High blood pressure -- Put a soup spoonful of corn flour or corn starch in a cup and fill with hot water. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, drink the water on an empty stomach without shaking up the mixture.

Toe Fungus -- Brew strong coffee without removing the coffee grinds and dip your toes in it several times.

Kidney problems – Boil a large blackberry root in 5 liters of water until the water halves. Drink 100 grams of this tea, three times a day.

Kidney Infection – Mix pure pottery clay with apple cider vinegar. Spread the mixture on a soft piece of cloth and apply as a poultice to your lower back where the kidneys are.

Gall Bladder Issues – Eat 2 pears each morning on an empty stomach. Drink unsweetened, wild pear juice.

Bronchitis – Boil 3 leaves of coltsfoot in a half of liter of milk. Add a tiny bit (quarter of a teaspoon) of pork lard to the mixture. Fill an espresso cup a drink each night.

Pneumonia -- Drink flax seed tea 4 times a day for a full week.

Skin Infections – Boil dried leaves of lemon balm in a 500ml of water until the water halves. Apply compress to the site of the infection.

Pharyngitis or croup – Apply a compress to the throat of ground wormwood and coltsfoot leaves.

Amenorheria (absent or light menstruation) – Boil the onion skin of 5 pounds of onions in 3 liters of water until the water becomes dark red. Drink an espresso cup full each morning or each evening.

Asthma – Soften 40 shallots with boiling hot water. Drain and add pure olive oil. Take a soup spoonful each morning and evening.

Childhood Asthma – Make a strong coltsfoot flower tea. Give to the child both as tea and add to a warm soaking bath.

Infertility in Women – Take a handful of dug up soil, add boiling hot water and squat over the steam. Repeat several times.

Sleeplessness in Children – Take 2 pounds of river sand and cover with boiling hot water. Rinse the child with the water when it cools down.

Acne – Apply a toner made of lemon balm and elderberry tea.

Sore Throat – Drink tea of thyme and chamomile.

Persistent headaches – Rinse the head with cooled down tea of wild marjoram. Soak the whole body in it too.

Child’s Cough – Boil a potato, an onion and an apple until the water halves. Give a teaspoon full, three times a day.

Childhood diabetes – Boil dried flowers of a white mulberry tree. When it cools rinse th child with it. Make tea of blackberry shoots and let the child drink it on regular basis.

Exema – soak in a tub filled with wild flowers or wild oats.

Burns – Mix egg yokes and butter and apply to the burn

Leukemia – Drink Tea of Common Mallow

Pink Eye -- Apply a compress of ground common mallow to the eyes three nights in a row.

Breast cysts – Make mugwort and coltsfoot tea and apply compress on the cyst.

Breast Cysts – make rye flour and milk dough, put inside the bra and sleep with it overnight.

Fibroids in the uterus – Canary grass tea. Drink three times a day for 15 days.

Leg Pains -- In a large dish, boil a bunch of flowering clover. When the water cools, filter it and add one soup spoonful of oil. Soak the legs in this three to four evenings in a row.



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